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  • A PhoneHug | White | Phone harness - PhoneHug®
  • A PhoneHug | White | Phone harness - PhoneHug®
  • A PhoneHug | White | Phone harness - PhoneHug®
  • A PhoneHug | White | Phone harness - PhoneHug®
  • A PhoneHug | White | Phone harness - PhoneHug®
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A PhoneHug | White | Phone harness | buy lanyard /phone rope seperately

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Sustainable PhoneHug is available in 9 colours


🌳As seen on TV, PhoneHug is a versatile, super gripping, robust outdoor phone accessory fitting all popular smart phones and uses a phone rope to attach to the user, aka a lanyard. An ideal Christmas gift for smart phone users of all ages.
It stretches to fit around the top and bottom of your phone and case and secures in seconds. The robust loop at the bottom connects to a carabiner, which can be clipped to a belt loop, bag, or phone rope, wear it across the body, over the head, or just hang it up!
Perfect for those who love the outdoors and want to keep hold of their phone.
Gives you peace of mind knowing where your phone is, so you can focus on having an awesome adventure.
PhoneHug is available in a range of vibrant colours and is the perfect piece of kit for anyone who loves the outdoors: winter sports, water sports, air sports, festival-goers, travellers, hikers and dog walkers to name a few, as well as those who need their phone close by for security or health reasons.
Designed by a husband-and-wife team, whose focus is on protecting phones and planting trees. Helping people to embrace their phones, embrace their adventure, explore freely and feel empowered in their lives, by reducing nomophobia, the anxiety created by not knowing where one's phone is.
Leave the anxiety of "Where's my phone?" behind and embrace, Peace of mind knowing you have hold of your phone with PhoneHug, an ideal Christmas gift for smartphone addicts of all ages.
PhoneHug is made from high-grade silicone rubber and can be recycled to be used as filler in other products. It has been tested with outdoor adventurers including; snowboarders, skiers, sailors, climbers, hikers, motor bikers, as wellbackstagetage crews and festival goers, overall feedback has been consistently positive.
Press coverage includes; The Sunday Mirror, YachtWorldorld, PractiBoat Ownerwner, In the Snow, and Active Traveller as well as being broadcasted on the BBC for The CustomerAlways Rightight.

🏂 Strong, robust and secure phone harness
⛷️ The tight fit makes it super grip!
🧗🏻‍♀️ Stretches to fit all popular smartphones up to 80mm wide
🥾 Light in weight - 23gms
Complimentary nickel-free Carabiner
🛶 Free delivery on orders over £20
Designed by Sam & Geoff at PhoneHug®
🏍️ Lanyard not included, please purchase separately.

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Orders are shipped between 1-2 business days.

If you need your order urgently please get in touch and we will do our best to meet your needs;

  🧡 Love your phone, Hug it! 🧡


Please use your PhoneHug®, lanyard & carabiner responsibly!

 Thank you!

The phones shown are for demonstration purposes only & are not for sale. We try to ensure that every product is accurately represented online, however, with vibrant colours this can sometimes be tricky as there can be a huge variation between how a shade appears between different computer screens.