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Ideal phone accessory for when you're skiing or snow boarding

No more watching your phone fall to the depths on the ski lift or sliding down the mountain side

PhoneHug® helping you to use your phone in precarious places.

Perfect for festivals!

Love your phone, Hug it!®

Chair lift...

No problem!


Adjustable lanyard!

Outdoor phone accessory helping you keep hold of your phone. Fits iphone 12, as well as many others, in seconds!

Perfect piece of kit for outdoors whether you're skiing, snow boarding, climbing, walking, sailing, horse riding, kayaking....anywhere you use your phone outdoors

Funky and secure it stretches to fit over your phone, clips to a lanyard, your belt, or just hang it up!

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“We have reviewed & tested PhoneHugs with a large number of fans & feedback was overwhelmingly positive – top product!  Will certainly help combat the phone theft issue that is greatly affecting the music scene today” 

Jon Owen - Academy Music Group

Strong loop!

Tough durable loop to fit a carabiner, lanyard, any other coupling device, or simply hang it up!

Stretches to fit ...

up to 80mm wide, around the top and bottom of your phone gripping it tightly!

Fits in seconds

Back strap

Finger loop, money clip, card holder or a place to store earphones. PhoneHug® can fit onto a bottle neck, creating a DIY tripod to watch or film.

Summer essential!

It's the tight fit that makes it grip!

Love your phone, Hug it!®




Ski lift - no problem!

On a chair lift...

Over water...

No more pockets picked!


As a mum with young kids PhoneHug has been amazing. I love having my phone so accessible and safe. I never go to the beach without it.

Marie Connell - Australia

A simple yet amazing idea that works a treat. I lose my phone multiple times a day with work and spend what feels like hours walking round venues in different rooms retracing my steps, as much as its fabulous for work it's amazing when I am at the yard visiting the horses and riding. How did me or my phone survive before! Unfortunately I need to order a new one already, as my mum has seen and " borrowed" mine on a permanent basis! I just love it!!

Kerry McRobb - Production manager

PhoneHug® has made both my personal and working life so much easier! The design is fun, looks good and comfortable to wear for hours on end. Since owning my PhoneHug® it has been with me on many adventures including Glastonbury Festival where it proved reliable, durable and very safe to hold my iPhone in crowded situations. It makes your phone features (calls, texts, Whatsapp messages, camera etc.) easy to access and within reach all the time. The design also retains privacy as the natural hold of the 'Hug' swings your phone screen in to face your body therefore your screen remains private.

Holly Monks - London

Whilst out on location photographic shoots I find the Phonehug to be invaluable. Creatives and clients are forever calling me on the shoot, so the Phonehug really does act as another pair of hands, whilst I’m having to multitask. My phone is always grab-able via the handy Phonehug neck-strap which comes in handy when cycling too.

Paul J Harvey - London

Bought my PhoneHug this summer after seeing how useful it was in the outdoors- lent it to my 12 year old son at a festival soon after which certainly stopped him losing his phone! Very handy at work too.

Viv Atherton - Manchester

I am a Personal Trainer and the PhoneHug has become a vital part of my equipment when I am out with my clients, I now have my hands free while out running and it is so easy to get to my apps on my phone, to use my stopwatch etc. Cycling is easy and even when I am not working I always know where my phone is. A PhoneHug is a must for everyone.

Anna Hulme - Manchester

“PhoneHug is life-saver, well phone saver, whilst snowboarding.  Having PhoneHug attached to my phone makes the amazing sceneries, smiling faces and funny moments so much easier to capture.  No fiddling about with unzipping and zipping pockets, taking gloves off, finding my phone; I just wear it round my neck, it’s safe and easily accessible whether I’m boarding along the slopes, sat on a chairlift or relaxing at a refuge, I always know exactly where my phone is, whip it out, take a picture with no risk or worry about dropping or losing it.  Love your phone, give it a hug, PhoneHug it!”

Donna Cunningham - Manchester

“ PhoneHug® was the best thing that happened to me and my friends. We all have our own colour and now we’re never looking back, because we can have nights out and festivals entirely care free!”

Liv Krell - Manchester

This case is useful for those who want the phone close by while remaining hands-free. It is not a case, simply a tool for keeping your smartphone more securely attached to your person to avoid loss overboard, accidental damage or theft. It is promised to fit over waterproof cases and we found that, with a bit of effort, it does the job even on bulkier models.

Practical Boat Owner


Who else is talking about PhoneHug®

It is pointless to go to the time & expense of waterproofing your mobile if you then drop it overboard. PhoneHug® is a simple means of keeping your phone attached to you – like a leash or lifeline. It is made from silicone rubber & stretches to fit over all smartphones up to 80mm wide, including over cases. Comes with a neoprene lanyard & carabiner to attach to the wrist, belt or around the neck. It should be long enough for the phone to reach the average user’s ear.

Yachting World


About us...

A concert runner and a photographer needed something to secure their phones, they designed and developed PhoneHug® together, creating something they found useful and thought others might like it too.

Social and environmental responsibility

Sustainability is a core part of who we are; we’re not just about protecting phones, but the planet as well. All employees are encouraged to actively participate, by identifying opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the business. ​How we manufacture and transport impacts the planet, getting the right balance between environmental impact and strength in the product supports our entire sustainability strategy.

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Please get in touch, if you have any questions or ideas relating to PhoneHug® , we're happy to help!