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Black PhoneHug®

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PhoneHug® - new way to keep your phone safe.

  1. Black PhoneHug®
  2. Designed by Sam & Geoff at PhoneHug®
  3. Strong, robust and secure
  4. Tight fit makes it grip
  5. Stretches to fit the majority of smartphones up to 80mm wide
  6. Light in weight - 23gms
  7. Complimentary! Nickel free Carabiner
  8. Lanyard not included, please purchase separately.
  9. Free delivery on orders over £10

Hugely beneficial phone accessory, super-grips your phone to you; for those who love the outdoors and adventure.

Wherever the location PhoneHug® securely fits over your phone in seconds (case or no case), giving you and your phone peace of mind.

Perfect piece of kit for festivals, walking, water sports, snow sports, climbing… anywhere it’s a risk to lose, drop or damage your phone.

Back-strap acts as a finger loop, money clip, card holder or a place to store earphones. PhoneHug® can fit onto a bottle neck, creating a DIY tripod to watch or film.

 It's the tight fit that makes it grip!

Love your phone, Hug it!®

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Strong reliable & durable, stretches to fit around the top & bottom of your phone, gripping it tightly - fits the majority of smartphones.

Anti-static smooth coating covers the exterior, allowing it to be easily taken in or out of the pocket.

Made of eco-friendly food grade silicone rubber, can be recycled by being ground down & re-used as filler in other silicone products.

We believe in giving something back, The Hug Foundation distributes & manages 5% of profits where PhoneHug® is sold.

Love your phone, Hug it!

Phones shown are for demonstration purposes only & are not for sale. We try to ensure that every product is accurately represented online, however with vibrant colours this can sometimes be tricky as there can be a huge variation between how a shade appears between different computer screens.




Please use your PhoneHug®, lanyard & carabiner responsibly!

                                                    Thank you!